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Look what’s sprouted!

A single corn sprout, apart of the fall corn maze at Cagle's Family Farm in north Georgia

A single sprout of corn.  This is just one of the ‘ga-gillions’ of corn sprouts all over the cornfield at Cagle’s Family Farm in Canton, Georgia.  

Each year, a huge plot of the farm is planted in corn, which is turned into a human-size maze, called a corn maze.  The corn maze has been such a popular tourist attraction in Georgia — with this being the 12th year for the Cagle’s family to open the farm to the public for visits and tours in the fall season.  The maze is the main attraction, which allows farm-goers to venture into the nearly 10-acre field of corn and GET LOST!  On purpose!  

The corn maze is just one of the many fall attractions that can be found on the farm, which is open Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays, August 31 – November 11, 2012.  There’s much more to see, do and enjoy while visiting Cagle’s Family Farm during the fall.  To learn more about their fall attractions, read on …

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