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Eh — who cares?

Farm History Center at Cagle's Family Farm in Canton, Ga

History — who cares about that?


Well … we do.  We chose to learn from and preserve the history our family, and their farming in Georgia.  Farming has evolved from what it once was.  Many innovations, new techniques, equipment, processes etc. have changed the way we, at Cagle’s Family Farm in Canton, Ga, farm today.

Our ancestors used to plow with mules and donkeys, and today, we have tractors with comfy seats and radios.  Now, that’s not saying farming is a piece of cake.  It’s not.  There is still a lot of hard work, sweat and tears put into our family farm.  But we have built a ‘Farm History Center’ in our former dairy barn.  Once inside,  visitors will get to see a little about how farming has changed over the years.

We invite school groups, in particular elementary-aged students, to come on a Spring Field Trip and enjoy hands-on farming.  A visit with our baby goats, calves and other farm animals are always a treat.  For more information on the educational field trips, read on…

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