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Decorating for Fall

Hi y’all!  Maybeline here.  I’m just really in the fall spirit and my barn door is looking the best ever!

Many of us love seasonal decorations – whether at our front entry, dining table centerpieces or mantle.  There’s tons of unique ideas using natural components, including pumpkins!  Pumpkins are such an easy touch in the fall season (plus, I’ve got tons of them here on the farm)!

Here’s a few easy decorating tips I thought you may find adorable…painting pumpkins!
(Yep – I read Southern Living too!)

Get Creative with Pumpkins

Paint Them: Circles

Materials: smooth, flat-skinned pumpkins, round stick-on labels, gold metallic paint, paintbrushes

 Stick round labels on the pumpkin, and trace the shape of the labels onto the pumpkin.
2.) Remove labels, and paint inside the traced circles with gold paint. (For another effect, apply labels to pumpkin, and then cover entire pumpkin in paint. Remove labels when paint is dry.)

Tip: For best results, work outside on a clean, flat surface on a dry day.


Source: Find 5 Easy Ways to Decorate Pumpkins and more decorating ideas from Southern Living.com.